News :


                   - release of the albums DRIFT NOWHERE PAST and

                     THE ADVENTURE OF SLEEP at Elsewhere Records

                   - solo concerts at Reihe M in Köln and CCAM Nancy

                   - Current 93 concerts at WARSZAW New York and

                     OLD EMPIRE London                     

                   - premičre of music for Memento Stella, a film by

                     Takashi Makino at Empty Gallery Hong Kong

                     and IFFR Rotterdam, 1st prize at Videoex

                   - concerts with Scordatura playing Partch in Riga,

                     Tallin and Berlin                     

                   - premičre of new piece with Francisco López at

                     Musique Action Nancy and Angelica Bologna


                  New Releases :

                    Dead Beats : pianomusic by Alvin Curran (2CD MFR)

                                                                         Reinier van Houdt : Drift Nowhere Past (CD Elsewhere)

                                                                 Reinier van Houdt : The Adventure Of Sleep (CD Elsewhere)

                                                                 Reinier van Houdt : Mouths Without A Head (CD Discreet Editions))

                                                                The Arrow Of Time : Jordan Dykstra (CD New World Records)

                                                                   Current 93 : If A City Was Set Upon A Hill (CD/LP HomAleph)

                                                                   Annea Lockwood/MAZE : Bayou-Borne & Jitterbug (CD Moving Furniture Records)

                                                                   Plan Kruutntoone: Pas Maar Op Want Deze Tas Is Van Zorro (LP/CD EscRec)  


                                                                 Future Releases :

                                                               Francisco López : Untitled #400 (CD Angelica) 

                                                               Jürg Frey : Lieues D'Ombres (3CD's Elsewhere)

                                                               Alessandro Bosetti : Carnaval Deux (LP 4:3 Records)

                                                               Giuseppe Chiari : Intervalli (Alga Marghen LP)






"The artists are at work

their assignment is appearances

the artist can make you look like somebody's brother

make you hear footsteps on the landing

the artist comes to your place, while you are gone

and when you return?

you don't live there anymore

or - anywhere"


Robert Ashley, "eL/Aficionado"

foto: Martijn van Hennik

Reinier van Houdt, musician