News :

                            - Marchetti-performance at Out/Off in Milan

                            - Prix Europa for the radioplay produced 

                              for WDR with Andcompany Berlin

                            - Current 93 concert at PRIMAVERA Barcelona

                            - concerts with Robert Ashley's Maneuvers

                              For Small Hands at Nomadic Nights Paris,

                              Roulette in New York & November Music

                            - performance with Michael Pisaro of
                              WHITE METAL at Angelica-festival Bologna
                            - MAZE collaboration with Annea Lockwood
                              & Justin Bennett at Kontraklang Berlin

                            - "the earth and the sky" named top ten-

                              album of 2016 by Alex Ross of The New


                     LATEST RELEASES :
              Paths Of The Errant Gaze (solo-LP Hallow Grounds)
            the earth and the sky (3CDbox Michael Pisaro-ErstW)
              Current 93: The Moons At Your Door (CD/LP Spheres)
              Walter Marchetti: Per La Mano Sinistra(CD Alga Marghen)
                                                                              Yannis Kyriakides : Subvoice (2CD Unsounds)


                                                                                                                                     FUTURE RELEASES :

                                                                       Riemann Angels(solo-7"Lathe Cut Bladud Flies) 

                                                                                        MAZE : Christian Marclay    LP

                                                                              Robert Ashley        LP

                                                                              Anne La Berge        LP

                                                                              Yannis Kyriakides    LP





"The artists are at work

their assignment is appearances

the artist can make you look like somebody's brother

make you hear footsteps on the landing

the artist comes to your place, while you are gone

and when you return?

you don't live there anymore

or - anywhere"


Robert Ashley, "eL/Aficionado"

foto: Martijn van Hennik

Reinier van Houdt, musician