News :

                       - release of the album IGITUR CARBON COPIES

                         at Hallow Grounds

                       - performances of Alvin Curran's DEAD BEATS at

                         Café OTO London and Riverrun Festival Albi

                       - Current 93 concerts in Norway, EMPIRE London

                         Funkhaus Berlin, Warszaw New York

                       - première of music for Memento Stella, a film by

                         Takashi Makino at Empty Gallery Hong Kong

                         and IFFR Rotterdam 2019, 1st prize at Videoex

                       - première of Christian Marclay's Investigations

                         and performance of Ephemera at Huddersfield

                         Contemporary Music Festival

                       - première of Giuseppe Chiari's INTERVALLI at the

                         the Orgelpark Amsterdam


                  New Releases :
                          Dead Beats : pianomusic by Alvin Curran (2CD Moving Furniture Records)
                         Igitur Carbon Copies (solo-LP Hallow Grounds)
                                                                               Lettres et Replis (Elsewhere Records)
                                                                               Michael Pisaro:Shades Of Eternal Night(CD Gravity Wave)
                                                                                               Walter Marchetti: Per La Mano Sinistra(CD Alga Marghen)

                                                                                    Future Releases :

                                                                                  Michael Vincent Waller : 2pianomusic, with Dante Boon (CD on New World) 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               MAZE/Claudio Baroni : Karada (LP Unsounds)

                                                                                         Les Champs Lissajous (solo EP on Matière Mémoire)

                                                                                Jürg Frey : piano duo music with Dante Boon (CD Elsewhere)






"The artists are at work

their assignment is appearances

the artist can make you look like somebody's brother

make you hear footsteps on the landing

the artist comes to your place, while you are gone

and when you return?

you don't live there anymore

or - anywhere"


Robert Ashley, "eL/Aficionado"

foto: Martijn van Hennik

Reinier van Houdt, musician