Erik Satie: marathonconcert at the Dacapo Satie-festival in Bremen 1993; the hommage The Satie-Connection with Ensemble MAE at Bratislava Festival 2000; onorthodox staged première of Satie's complete Le Fils des toiles in 2007 with Petra van der Schoot en PJ van Rossum in newly created theaterpiece Notes of a Mammal.

Alvin Curran: première Inner Cities 9/11 at the festival Cultural Capital of Europe 2001; performances at the Alternativa-Festival Moskou 2006, at the Night of the Unexpected in Paradiso Amsterdam 2003 and at Piano-Adventures in Bremen 2002.

Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji: after four years of deciphering and intensive study the première of the 5-hour length Symphony Nr.4  at the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht 2003 (live broadcast on NPS-radio; cd MusicWorks 87), later performed in Toronto, Düsseldorf and Gent. In 2011 an anthology was presented at the Meltdown-festival in Queen Elizabeth Hall

Robert Ashley: premières at the Ashley-week The Hague; performances at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and at Wien Modern  (cd Unsounds 15).

Giacinto Scelsi: première of the complete Suites in 1994 at the Scelsi-festival in De Unie in Rotterdam, later at the Knitting Factory in New York, the Music Gallery in Toronto, Mills College in Oakland, Montreal, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Las Vegas en Phoenix (cd Apollo-records).

Maria de Alvear: première of LLENA  in Klangraum Piano Düsseldorf 1999 (cd World-Edition Nr 5) and of La Tonta del Bote at the Apollohuis Eindhoven 1997 (broadcast on WDR-radio).

Rita Knuistingh Neven: piano/sampler-act in the première of Strijd & Onthechting and Amygdala at the Rotterdam Opera-days 2007 & 2009 (cd SNMR).

Alvin Lucier: portrait with ao the piano&oscillator-masterpiece Still Lives at the Logos Tetraëder in Gent, at Trafo in Budapest and at the Nothing is Real-festival in The Hague.

Charles Ives: unorthodox performances of the Concord-Sonata, with improvisations and sampler/synthesizer additions, at the BIM-house Amsterdam and Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam 2006.

PJ van Rossum: premières of Are you going out & Alle Terre with the MAE in Amsterdam in 2002 (cd X-OR) and of Accessoir in Odessa, Petersburg en Kazan in 2005.

John Cage: 'complete' performance of Wintermusic at Kunstraum Düsseldorf 1999.

Cornelius Cardew: performances at the Rumori-festival 1996 and the BIM-HUIS Amsterdam. 

Charlemagne Palestine: première-performances in Paradiso Amsterdam 2003, Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam 2001, the FourGrandPavillion in Den Bosch 2005.

Valentin Silvestrov: concerts at Zaal De Unie in Rotterdam and Greenwich House New York (cd Hambeth).

Jerry Hunt: performance of Chimanzzi at the festival The Well-Extended Piano in Rotterdam 2000

James Tenney: concerts with a.o. Bridge and Flocking at the Rumor-Festival Utrecht and the Huygens-Fockerseries in the IJsbreker 1993.

Yannis Kyriakides: première pianoconcert Tinkling at the Concertgebouw 2000, later in Huddersfield, London, Zrich, Basel, Birmingham (broadcast on BBC-radio).

Dancecompany Leine & Roebana: appearances in SPOREN with music by Byrd, Boulez and Zorn in Dijon, Bilbao, Ludwigsburg, Cleveland, Boston.




Other premières with music from Maarten Altena, Gilius van Bergeijk, Jan v.d. Putte, Peter Adriaansz, Martijn Padding, Arthur Sauer, Michael Pisaro, Paul de Jong, Rachel Yatzkan,  Hans Poort, Joost v/d Goor, Hans Roels and Jan-Bas Bollen.                                                                   

Reinier van Houdt is a member of the Ives Ensemble, playing a.o. in Luc Ferrari’s Cahier du Soir and Jan van de Putte’s Quelli Che Restano - and of the Ensemble MAE (formerly known as Maarten Altena Ensemble), performing in Maarten Altena's Mijlpaal with Remco Campert, 100 Things by Richard Ayres and in Ocean of Rain by Yannis Kyriakides. 

Reinier van Houdt collaborated with theatergroup Hotel Modern and Arthur Sauer in The Great Warwith filmer PJ Smit and with cellist Paul de Jong (alias The Books).