walter marchetti

                                             : natura morta

                                             : concerto per la mano sinistra



                                mindless acts of beauty


                                     a concerto for the wrong hand


                                     throwing rocks down a well


                                     playing birdcalls in a wooded area


                                     a score in the form of a walking map


                                     an umbrella trying to protect from the sound of rain


                                    the decay of tones under a blanket of rotting fruits and vegetables


                                    a pianoconcerto in a pigsty


                                    "the most beautiful pianomusic ever written"    (Robert Ashley)


                                    "the most extreme noise I've heard"               (Steven Stapleton)


                  Where Cage honored sounds that music refused to include, Marchetti points out what music simply canít encompass.

                  His scores are seemingly impossible to interpret or to perform, hinting at music so dense that it exhausts itself

                  in sonic ambience, or at music that hints at ambience itself.

                  Marchetti produces music that always flows in a peculiar balance between randomness and purpose.

                  No matter how silent or loud it is, it always is subliminally serene and powerful.